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  1. A Philosophical Manifesto.Daniel Memmi - unknown
    This text presents a metaphysical outline, followed by a proposal for ethics. The metaphysical outlook is meant to be compatible with contemporary science, and the ethical doctrine is basically pragmatic and utilitarian. The general point of view is also largely inspired by classical Chinese thought, contrasted with traditional Western dogma. We hope in this way to be able to renew our common conceptions of morality.
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  2. Commerce équitable :de quelle équité parle-t-on?Gendron Corinne & Girard Bernard - 2011 - Ethique Économique 8 (2).
    Fair trade has become an important part of responsible consumption. But how is fair trade more fair than traditionnal trade? And what kind of fairness does it embody? Building on moral philosophy and justice theory of Aristote, Hume and Rawls to analyse fair trade practices as presented in many field studies, it seems that fair trade can’t claim a monopoly over equity as a contrasting distinction.
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