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  1. Assembling Archaeological Pedagogy. A Theoretical Framework for Valuing Pedagogy in Archaeological Interpretation and Practice.H. Cobb & Karina Croucher - unknown
    Drawing on relational theoretical perspectives in archaeological discourse, this paper considers how we can address the undervaluation of pedagogy and pedagogic research in archaeology. Through examining the relationships between fieldwork, teaching, and research, in light of Ingold’s concept of the meshwork and DeLanda’s assemblage theory, the division between teaching and research is undermined, and students and pedagogy are recentred as fundamental to the production of archaeological knowledge. This paper provides a theoretical grounding for resituating our current practices, suggests practical means (...)
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  2. Daisaku Ikeda's Philosophy of Peace: Human Revolution, Dialogue and Global Civilization.Olivier Urbain - unknown
    Daisaku Ikeda is the Buddhist leader of one of the most visible religious movements today, the Soka Gakkai International. In this thesis, the main research question concerns the peace philosophy of Ikeda and its contribution to peace theory. Daisaku Ikeda and the SGI have been the subject of several scholarly studies in the fields of religious history and sociology. The focus of this research is on the significance of Ikeda's contributions in the field of peace studies, where his work has (...)
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  3. Visiting Female Entrepreneurs: An Emancipatory Impulse.Hannah Dean - unknown
    This thesis aims to emancipate female entrepreneurs from the metanarrative of economic growth which has created a false dichotomy of successful male entrepreneur versus an unsuccessful female entrepreneur. This aim is pursued through a multidisciplinary and critical inquiry that destabilises this metanarrative conceptually and empirically. A critical interrogation of economic studies reveals the embeddedness of the metanarrative in neo-classical economic growth theory. Far from being a true reflection of the entrepreneurial experience, the theory has silenced the innovator entrepreneur in economic (...)
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  4. The Scientist as Philosopher.Friedel Weinert - unknown
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