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  1. Developing Communities of Inquiry in the UK: Retrospect and Prospect.Patrick J. M. Costello - 2010 - Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis 30 (2).
    My aim in this article is to offer a critical evaluation of the development of communities of inquiry in the UK, with particular reference to the teaching of philosophy in schools. The paper is divided into four sections. In the first, I examine some key aspects from an historical perspective. The second section focuses on the question: ‘should children be taught to think philosophically?’ Having discussed the teaching of philosophical thinking in the UK, I outline a typical example of a (...)
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  2. Developing Communities of Inquiry: The Role of Narrative.Patrick J. Costello - unknown
    My aim in this paper is to examine the role of narrative in developing communities of inquiry. In particular, I shall refer to the teaching of philosophy in schools. Having made some introductory comments about the idea of a ‘community of inquiry’, I examine a well-known narrative approach which is used to support its development. Finally, I outline on one of my own narratives and offer some suggestions as to how it may be used with students undertaking initial teacher education (...)
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  3. Open-Centred Ecosophy Or How to Do Environmentally Interesting Things with Dr Rogers's Therapeutic Conditions.Clive Perraton Mountford - unknown
    Being a personal meditation upon environmental ethics, the conflicting claims of anthropocentric and ecocentric approaches to environmental degeneration, the possibility of extending person-centred relationship beyond the world of human beings, the uses of experiential focusing, dissociation, and the possibility that tending our relationship with Earth is an essential part of spiritual practice.
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