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  1. Agents in movement.István Zoltán Zárdai - 2019 - Kagaku Tetsugaku 143:61-83.
    The paper discusses the category of one of the most fundamental expressions of agency, those movements of agents that are actions. There have been three dominant views of action since the 1960s: 1. the Causal Theory of Action, 2. the Tryings/Willings view, and 3. Agent Causation. These views claim that actions are: 1. events of bodily movements which have the right causes; 2. specific types of mental events causing events of bodily movements; 3. instances of the causal relationship between agents (...)
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  2. Traditional controversies in the scientific status of marketing theory : a popperian analysis.Deborah Heffez - unknown
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  3. Liminal space : towards new paradigm of urban computing.Jan Rod, ヤン ロッド, 昌彦 稲見, マサヒコ イナミ & Masahiko Inami - unknown