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  1. Alterdisciplinarity.Paul Bowman - unknown
    This paper argues that central to the formation and orientation of ethical and politicised academic subjects is the notion of intervention. It argues that the aim of ethical political intervention is fundamental to the orientation of a diverse range of figures and fields, particularly those from the leftist Marxist and Gramscian traditions. Through a brief survey, the paper shows the extent to which the aim of achieving effective, reorientating, consequential intervention is shared in common by Marxisms of all orders, as (...)
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  2. Classachresis.Paul Bowman - unknown
    This paper explores the following. All thought involves classification and translation. It is not just translation that classes differences as equivalent. All interpretation involves translation and classification. Thinking itself cannot be thought outside of translation and classification. Knowledge is out of joint: ways of thinking, ways of knowing, presuppose, announce and elaborate themselves according to an anachronous imposition of ways of classifying and equivalating. Can thought be thought otherwise than a violent, ‘originarily’ unthinking institution of ways of classing and translating? (...)
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  3. Dance's Mind-Body Problem.Anna Pakes - unknown
  4. Original Embodied Knowledge: The Epistemology of the New in Dance Practice as Research.Anna Pakes - unknown
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