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  1. A Fresh Perspective on Histology and Embryology - A Lens on Aesthetics.Libin Liao, Xueping Yao, Mingguo Han & Shengbin Bai - 2022 - International Journal of Morphology 40 (5):1400-1403.
    SUMMARY: Histology and embryology is a science that studies the micro structure and function of the body and embryogenesis, and has insight into the microcosmic world of human body. It is delicate and ingeniousness, which greatly satisfy our thirst for knowledge and visual appreciation. This paper expounds the beauty of Science in histology and Embryology from the perspectives of aesthetics on cell morphology, tissue mode, organogenesis and life birth. Aesthetic education in histology and embryology can possible cultivate medical students' humanistic (...)
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  2. Science as radical knowledge.Gonzalo Munévar - 2018 - Límite 13 (41).
    ABSTRACT The view that science is typically a cumulative, progressive process, as suggested by some historians of science and some scientific realists, is undermined both by history and by evolutionary considerations about the nature of science. The attempts to use evolutionary biology to portray scientific development as continuous are based on unfortunate analogies to the evolu tion of life. A proper application of evolutionary biology, in combination with neuroscience, defeats the case for the realism in question and leads to the (...)
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  3. Writing at university: Object of study, method and discourses.Juana Marinkovich & Alejandro Córdova - unknown
    Research on academic writing, or rather, writing in the disciplines, today raises a number of questions. One is the relationship between object of study, method and writing in a particular discipline. In this context, the purpose of this study is to elucidate the link between object of study, method and discourses realized in the genres. To this end, teachers and students’ conceptions about academic writing were investigated in Biochemistry, Mathematics, History, and Arts undergraduate programs at a university belonging to the (...)
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