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  1. Basic human needs as values: exploring John Dewey's normative perspective on social philosophy.Livio Mattarollo - 2018 - Cognitio 19 (2).
    John Dewey's project on social philosophy has not been usually considered as an important piece of his thought. However, his writings about such topic constitute a remarkable effort to articulate several novel concepts and ideas which cannot be found elsewhere in his extensive philosophical work. Within this context, the new edition of his "Lectures in Social and Political Philosophy"-a series of lectures Dewey delivered during his stay in China-provides unique material for reviewing his social viewpoint. During this article I aim (...)
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  2. Controversies over the evolutionary role of paranasal sinus pneumatization in humans and neanderthals as an adaptation to extreme cold.Vicente Dressino & Susana Gisela Lamas - 2014 - Ludus Vitalis 22.
    In this paper, we examine a case of scientific controversy over the evolving role of the paranasal sinuses, comparing Neanderthals and humans by analyzing two rival hypotheses. The first hypothesis states that the paranasal sinuses do not represent an adaptation to extreme cold, while the second claims the contrary. The two articles partially use the same database and employ identical methodologies and evolutionary theoretical assumptions. This example is interesting because, in terms of Nudler’s concepts of controversial and non-controversial spaces, the (...)
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  3. A five-valued logic and a system.Ulisses Ferreira - unknown
    The present article introduces a five-valued logic and a deductive system. Here, the logic presented is a relevant fragment of the @-logic, which is also a space-time logic. These five values correspond to the following semantics: unknown, possibly known but consistent, false, true, and inconsistent. The present logic and the PLAIN programming language are two results of the same intuitions and from the same philosophical view. Finally, as well as the purposes of PLAIN, the logic ought to be used to (...)
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