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  1. ‘This thing called reconciliation…‘forgiveness as part of an interconnectedness-towards-wholeness.Antjie Krog - 2008 - South African Journal of Philosophy 27 (4):353-366.
    Regular reference is made, within the discourse around the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, to the fact that ubuntu, an indigenous world view, played a role in the process. This paper tries to show that despite these references, important analysts of the TRC had insufficiently accounted for this worldview in their critical readings of the Commission's work and therefore found aspects of the process incoherent and/or morally and legally confused. I am not arguing that the TRC was not a (...)
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  2. The virtual stampede for Africa: Digitisation, postcoloniality and archives of the liberation struggles in Southern Africa.Premesh Lalu - unknown
    This article presents a polemical argument for a politics of digitisation that aims to politicise the archival disciplines while making sense of the conjuncture in which digitisation initiatives are mooted in Southern Africa. It argues for a blurring of the work of archivist and historian in reconstituting the archive of the liberation struggle. It alters the paradigmatic frameworks of the Cold War that have hitherto defined the structure of the archive. The article provisionally anticipates the trajectories of a politics of (...)
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