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  1. The utility of stakeholder involvement in the evaluation of community-based health promotion programmes.Ebenezer Owusu-Addo, Sampson E. Edusah & Paul Sarfo-Mensah - unknown
    Community-based health promotion programmes deal with cross cutting issues and utilise issue-based, population-based and setting-based approaches in programme planning, implementation and evaluation with the aim of empowering individuals and communities to gain control over the determinants of health. This multifaceted nature of CBHPPs has resulted in a number of questions particularly regarding the level of stakeholder involvement in evaluating such programmes. Evaluation is seen as one of the ways to provide evidence to inform health promotion decision-making and practice. Community programme (...)
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  2. The Disabled and Art: Selected Artifacts of Ghanaian Physically Disabled Artists as a Resource for Teaching and Learning.P. Osei-Poku & B. Acheampong - unknown
    Some disabled artists in Ghana exhibit a lot of rich knowledge and practical skills which are potential materials for teaching and learning. These should be documented otherwise the rich concepts and philosophies inherent in them which, among others, are perceived to depict societal problems may be lost after their death. It is the aim of this paper to identify and document the unique artistic qualities in some of the art works of selected physically disabled artists. It was the pursuit of (...)
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