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    Author's Response to Peer Commentaries: Mexico's Rule of Law and MRTs.César Palacios-González & María de Jesús Medina-Arellano - 2017 - Journal of Law and the Biosciences 4 (3):623–629.
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    Mitochondrial Replacement Techniques and Mexico’s Rule of Law: On the Legality of the First Maternal Spindle Transfer Case.César Palacios-González - 2017 - Journal of Law and the Biosciences 4 (1):50–69.
    News about the first baby born after a mitochondrial replacement technique (MRT; specifically maternal spindle transfer) broke on September 27, 2016 and, in a matter of hours, went global. Of special interest was the fact that the mitochondrial replacement procedure happened in Mexico. One of the scientists behind this world first was quoted as having said that he and his team went to Mexico to carry out the procedure because, in Mexico, there are no rules. In this paper, we explore (...)
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