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    What is a Classic in History?Jaume Aurell - 2021 - Journal of the Philosophy of History 16 (1):54-91.
    What is the classic in history? What is a classic in historical writing? Very few historians and critics have addressed these questions, and when they have done so, it has been only in a cursory manner. These are queries that require some explanation regarding historical texts because of their peculiar ambivalence between science and art, content and form, sources and imagination, scientific and narrative language. Based on some examples of the Western historiographical tradition, I discuss in this article to what (...)
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    Historicism Now: Historiographic Ontology, Epistemology and Methodology Out of Bounds.Aviezer Tucker - 2021 - Journal of the Philosophy of History 16 (1):92-121.
    This article examines historicism as the expansion of historiography beyond its bounds, analogous to Physicalism, Naturalism, Psychologism, and Scientism. Five senses of historicism are distinguished: Ontological Historicism claims ultimate reality is, and only is, historical. Idiographic historicism considers historiography an empirical science that results in observational descriptions of unique singular events. Introspective historicism considers the epistemology of historiography to be founded on self-knowledge. Scientistic historicism considers historiography an applied psychology or social science that can expand to overtake the social sciences. (...)
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    Editorial: Living and Editing in the Online World.Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen - 2021 - Journal of the Philosophy of History 15 (1):1-3.
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