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    A Note on Dolby and Gull on Radar Time and the Twin 'Paradox'.Antony Eagle - 2005 - American Journal of Physics 73 (10):976–979.
    Recently a suggestion has been made that standard textbook representations of hypersurfaces of simultaneity for the travelling twin in the twin 'paradox' are incorrect. This suggestion is false: the standard textbooks are in agreement with a proper understanding of the relativity of simultaneity.
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  2. Comment On: “The Role of Dynamics in the Synchronization Problem”, by Hans C. Ohanian.Alan Macdonald - 2005 - American Journal of Physics 73 (2).
    Hans C. Ohanian 1 claims to “defeat” the conventionalist thesis of clock synchronization using an argument based on dynamics. My aim here is to show that his argument does not succeed.
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  3. Comment on Norsen's Defense of Einstein's “Box Argument'.Abner Shimony - 2005 - American Journal of Physics 73:177--178.
  4. Einstein's Boxes.Travis Norsen - 2005 - American Journal of Physics 73:164--176.
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