1. Ontologia Formale e Teoria della Negazione Dialettica nella Prima Fenomenologia di Max Scheler. Un Percorso di Studio dalla Fenomenologia alla Teoria delle Categorie.Martina Properzi - 2020 - Acta Philosophica 29 (1):115-136.
    The aim of this paper is to reconstruct the research program of formal ontology developed by M. Scheler before his last 1922 theoretical shift. Scheler’s theory of dialectical negation will be also investigated. In regard to the first topic, the focus will be on the complex architecture of Scheler’s formal ontology, deepened within a theoretical framework of realistic ontology: integrated into this framework, formal ontology becomes a basic tool for building phenomenological realisms. In regard to the second topic, the focus (...)
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    Aristotle and the Foundation of Quantum Mechanics.Alfred Driessen - 2020 - Acta Philosophica 29 (II):395-414.
    The four antinomies of Zeno of Elea continue to be provoking issues that remain relevant for the foundation of science. Aristotle used this antinomy to arrive at a deeper understanding of movement : it is a fluent continuum that he considers to be a whole. The parts, if any, are only potentially present. Similarly, quantum mechanics states that movement is quantized ; things move or change in nonreducible steps, the so-called quanta. This view is in contrast to classical mechanics, where (...)
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  3. Aristotle on Ontological Priority.Hikmet Unlu - 2020 - Acta Philosophica 1 (29):137-158.
    There are several passages in the Metaphysics where Aristotle explains ontological priority in terms of ontological dependence, but there are others where he seems to adopt a teleological conception of ontological priority. It is sometimes maintained that the latter priority too must be construed in terms of the former, or that the priorities in question are not both endorsed (or simultaneously endorsed) by Aristotle. The goal of this paper is to show otherwise; I argue that what is at issue are (...)
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