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    Stigmergic coordination and minimal cognition in plants.Ric Sims & Özlem Yilmaz - 2023 - Adaptive Behavior 31 (3).
  2. An aftertaste of Cartesian salad? Pre-reflective self-consciousness, Peirce, and the study of cognition in the wild.Pierre Steiner - 2023 - Adaptive Behavior 31 (2):169-173.
    I situate the originality and the ambiguities of the target paper in the context of post-cognitivist cognitive science and in relation with some aspects of Charles Sanders Peirce’s anti-Cartesianism. I then focus on what the authors call « pre-reflective self-consciousness », highlighting some ambiguities of the characterizations they propose of this variety of consciousness. These ambiguities can become difficulties once one grants a crucial methodological role to this consciousness in the study of cognitive activities.
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