1. The Right to Housing.Katy Wells - 2019 - Political Studies 67 (2).
    The issue of justice in housing is rarely discussed in political philosophy. Yet, housing crises such as that currently faceSd by the UK highlight the importance of work in this area. In this article, I address the issue of housing justice by defending a basic right to housing. The right is in the first instance specific to a particular context, that of a Western liberal society. I defend a positive right to exercise a set of property rights called ‘lease rights’ (...)
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    Religious Diversity in the Workplace: The Case for Alternative Dispute Resolution.Elise Rouméas - 2019 - Political Studies.
    The workplace is a focal point for debates about religion and public life. This article examines the question of religion at work, and how to fairly resolve the conflicts it generates. Specifically, it advocates for the use of alternative dispute resolution to address these conflicts. Alternative dispute resolution refers to a set of dispute processing methods, mainly arbitration and mediation. Unlike litigation, these procedures rely on the consent and cooperation of the parties involved. I argue that alternative dispute resolution is (...)
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