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    Three Interpretations of Freedom in Sartre's Being and Nothingness.Renxiang Liu - 2022 - The Humanistic Psychologist 50 (2):179-198.
    My task in this article is to prepare a multilayered conceptual framework so that one can then read, from Being and Nothingness, an account of human freedom that is both psychologically relevant and ontologically acute. Crucial to this framework is a distinction between three interpretations of freedom: ontological freedom, psychological–practical freedom, and the psychologistic misinterpretation of freedom. First, I articulate the sense and extent of ontological freedom against the background of Sartre’s phenomenological ontology, comprising concepts such as the in-itself, the (...)
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    Psychiatric Diagnosis as a Political and Social Device: Epistemological and Historical Insights on the Role of Collective Emotions.Valeria Bizzari & Francesca Brencio - 2022 - The Humanistic Psychologist 4.
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