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  1. Addendum to the philosophical puzzle of Theseus' ship.Ferenc András - 2023 - The Reasoner 17 (5):41 - 42.
    To solve the ship of Theseus puzzle, you need several keys. First of all, we need to fix the application condition of the physical object—it is a vehicle or an object memory; then the identification criterion—the ship was named The Ship of Theseus when he boarded it; and finally the re-application criterion—a ship (or an object memory) when it is the same ship (or object memory) as before. The degree of change from the previous and reference states must be given. (...)
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  2. Epistemic Dimensions of Risk Management.Lisa Warenski - 2023 - The Reasoner 17 (3):27-28.
    This very short paper highlights some of my recent and forthcoming work on “good epistemic practices” in the financial services industry. It identifies some epistemic dimensions of risk management in banking and illustrates how managing for good epistemic practices might be helpful.
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