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    Interview with Duncan Prichard.Luca Moretti - 2016 - The Reasoner 10 (11):87-89.
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    Tiny Proper Classes.Laureano Luna - 2016 - The Reasoner 10 (10):83-83.
    We propose certain clases that seem unable to form a completed totality though they are very small, finite, in fact. We suggest that the existence of such clases lends support to an interpretation of the existence of proper clases in terms of availability, not size.
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  3. Interview with Francesco Berto.Luca Moretti - 2016 - The Reasoner 10 (5):36-38.
  4. Tal and Comesaña on Evidence of Evidence.Luca Moretti - 2016 - The Reasoner 10 (5):38-39.
    R. Feldman defends a general principle about evidence the slogan form of which says that ‘evidence of evidence is evidence’. B. Fitelson considers three renditions of this principle and contends they are all falsified by counterexamples. Against both Feldman and Fitelson, J. Comesaña and E. Tal show that the third rendition––the one actually endorsed by Feldman––isn’t affected by Fitelson’s counterexamples, but only because it is trivially true and thus uninteresting. Tal and Comesaña defend a fourth version of Feldman’s principle, which––they (...)
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    Against the Brogaard-Salerno Stricture.Tristan Haze - 2016 - The Reasoner 10 (4):29-30.
    'It is widely agreed that contraposition, strengthening the antecedent and hypothetical syllogism fail for subjunctive conditionals', write Brogaard and Salerno in (2008: Counterfactuals and context, Analysis 68.1, 39–46). In that article they argue that the putative counterexamples to these principles are actually no threat, on the grounds that they involve a certain kind of illicit contextual shift. -/- Here I argue that this particular kind of contextual shift, if it is properly so called, is not generally illicit, and that therefore (...)
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