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  1. Burke lettore di Rousseau: note a margine di "A Letter to a Member of the National Assembly".Giacomo Maria Arrigo - 2021 - Etica & Politica / Ethics & Politics 23 (2):655-668.
    Edmund Burke, known for his full condemnation of the French Revolution, has ascribed to the French philosophes the making of that turn of mind which eventually created the conditions for the total subversion of France. This paper aims at investigating Burke’s interpretation of Rous- seau: in fact, him he considers to be the father of that disposition – which he calls vanity – that has inflamed the spirits of an entire population. «A silent revolution in the moral world preceded the (...)
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    The Right and the Good in Hegel’s Social and Political Philosophy.Armando Manchisi - 2021 - Etica & Politica / Ethics & Politics 2 (23):39-58.
    It is a commonly held idea that modern and contemporary societies, insofar as they aim to guarantee the principle of pluralism, must remain neutral towards specific moral or religious beliefs. John Rawls sums up this idea by claiming the priority of the right over the good. The aim of this contribution is to critically explore this view in light of Hegel’s 'Elements of the Philosophy of Right'. To this end, I first address the core features of Hegel’s social ontology and (...)
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