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    Michael Tomasello: A Natural History of Human Morality. [REVIEW]Jonathan Birch - 2017 - BJPS Review of Books 2017.
    Working together creates mutual obligations. For example, the members of a football team owe it to each other to work hard for the good of the team. A player who doesn’t try hard enough, or who makes a costly mistake, lets the side down. When the team loses, feelings of responsibility, guilt, and shame ensue. Players ought to feel committed to the team and responsible for its failures. If they don’t, they deserve to be dropped. The idea at the heart (...)
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    Surfing Uncertainty: Prediction, Action, and the Embodied Brain. [REVIEW]Andrew Buskell - 2017 - BJPS Review of Books.
    Essay Review of Andy Clark's 'Surfing Uncertainty: Prediction, Action, and the Embodied Brain'.
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