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    Neutrosophic Fuzzy Boundary Value Problem Under Generalized Hukuhara Differentiability.Baseem Kamal, A. A. Salama, M. Shokry, Magdi S. El-Azab & Galal I. El-Baghdady - 2021 - Neutrosophic Sets and Systems 47:97-200.
    In this article, the main definitions and differentiation concepts of neutrosophic fuzzy environment will be reviewed. This article will introduce an analytical methodology for solving the second-order linear ordinary differential problem with neutrosophic fuzzy boundary values, this analysis will be under generalized Hukuhara differentiability to show the analytical solutions from a different point of view for the uncertain system, some of these solutions may be decreasing in uncertainty or maybe reflecting the behavior of some real-world systems better. Some applications and (...)
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  2. The Algebraic Creativity in The Neutrosophic Square Matrices‏.Mohammad Abobala, Ahmed Hatip, A. A. Salama, Necati Olgun, Broumi Said & Huda E. Khaled - 2021 - Neutrosophic Sets and Systems 40:1-11.
    The objective of this paper is to study algebraic properties of neutrosophic matrices, where a necessary and sufficient condition for the invertibility of a square neutrosophic matrix is presented by defining the neutrosophic determinant. On the other hand, this work introduces the concept of neutrosophic Eigen values and vectors with an easy algorithm to compute them. Also, this article finds a necessary and sufficient condition for the diagonalization of a neutrosophic matrix.
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