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  1. Shīʿī Imāmī Thought on Existence, Life, and Extraterrestrials.Abdullah Ansar - 2023 - Theology and Science 21 (2):261-272.
    In this article, we develop the intersection of Shīʿī Islamic philosophy and extraterrestrial life. We explain the view of Ḥukamā (Islamic Philosophers) and what implications it holds for asserting a plurality of worlds and life forms. In addition to this, we bring Shīʿī hadīth sources which also suggest the existence of other life forms outside the earth. Combining the philosophical and textual evidence, we argue that the Shīʿī school not only suggests the existence of extraterrestrial life but also provides a (...)
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    “Your faith has healed you”: Christian Orthodox theology’s ethical consideration on placebos.Angelos Mavropoulos - 2023 - Theology and Science 21 (1):67-80.
    Although there is no consensus on how placebos actually work, their association with the concept of faith is considered to play a key role. In modern medicine, the traditional use of placebos raises bioethical concerns, despite the fact that it has shown extremely positive results over time. Orthodox Christian moral theology has not yet divulged its views on the matter, although several of its Church Fathers and secular theologians have evaluated the concepts of falsehood, autonomy, and, of course, faith. Thus, (...)
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