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    Michael Erler, Jan Erik Heßler, Federico M. Petrucci, Authority and Authoritative Texts in the Platonist Tradition. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2021. [REVIEW]Peter Osorio - 2021 - Bryn Mawr Classical Review 202109.
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    Review of Marta Jimenez, Aristotle on Shame and Learning to Be Good. [REVIEW]Duane Long - 2021 - Bryn Mawr Classical Review 202106.
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    Review of M. Schofield (2021) Cicero: Political Philosophy (Oxford University Press)’. [REVIEW]Sean McConnell - 2021 - Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2021.
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    Pellegrin, Endangered Excellence. On the Political Philosophy of Aristotle. [REVIEW]Thornton Lockwood - 2021 - Bryn Mawr Classical Review 10 (38).
    Pierre Pellegrin has devoted his scholarly life to the understanding of Aristotle the political philosopher, Aristotle the life-scientist, and—perhaps most importantly—Aristotle the analyst of life-science who is also a political philosopher. Like D. M. Balme, Allan Gotthelf, and James Lennox—Pellegrin is one of the foremost scholars who has sought to understand Aristotle’s biological writings in a philosophically and philologically sophisticated fashion. Pellegrin is also one of the foremost scholars who has sought to understand the intersection between Aristotle’s biological studies and (...)
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    The Stoic Theory of Beauty. By Aistė Čelkytė. [REVIEW]William O. Stephens - 2021 - Bryn Mawr Classical Review 7 (44).
    This book explores both the historical and philosophical contexts of the Stoics’ aesthetic terms focusing on the concept of beauty in metaphysical, epistemological, and ethical arguments attributed to Chrysippus. The author shows that the Stoic theory of value and Stoic aesthetics were not mutually exclusive areas of study, analyzes the Stoic paradox that only the sage is beautiful, and explains the Stoic view that rationality manifests as order, which manifests as proportion, which produces the formal property of beauty, which results (...)
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