1. Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics in Terms of Beable Algebras.Yuichiro Kitajima - 2005 - International Journal of Theoretical Physics 44 (8):1141-1156.
    In terms of beable algebras Halvorson and Clifton [International Journal of Theoretical Physics 38 (1999) 2441–2484] generalized the uniqueness theorem (Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 27 (1996) 181–219] which characterizes interpretations of quantum mechanics by preferred observables. We examine whether dispersion-free states on beable algebras in the generalized uniqueness theorem can be regarded as truth-value assignments in the case where a preferred observable is the set of all spectral projections of a density operator, and in the case (...)
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  2. Quantum Time Arrows, Semigroups and Time-Reversal in Scattering.Robert C. Bishop - 2005 - International Journal of Theoretical Physics:723-733.
    Two approaches toward the arrow of time for scattering processes have been proposed in rigged Hilbert space quantum mechanics. One, due to Arno Bohm, involves preparations and registrations in laboratory operations and results in two semigroups oriented in the forward direction of time. The other, employed by the Brussels-Austin group, is more general, involving excitations and de-excitations of systems, and apparently results in two semigroups oriented in opposite directions of time. It turns out that these two time arrows can be (...)
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