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    Survivalism, Suitably Modified.James Dominic Rooney - 2021 - The Thomist 85 (3):349-376.
    A well-known problem seems to beset views on which humans are essentially material, but where I can survive my death: they seem incoherent or reducible to substance dualism. Thomas Aquinas held a unique hylomorphic view of the human person as essentially composed of body and soul, but where the human soul can survive the death of the body. ‘Survivalists’ have argued that, post mortem, a human person comes to be composed of their soul alone. ‘Corruptionists’ point to Thomas’ texts, where (...)
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    Emergence: Towards a New Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science by Mariusz Tabaczek (Review). [REVIEW]William Simpson - 2021 - The Thomist 85:159-163.
    A review of "Emergence: Towards a New Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science" By MARIUSZ TABACZEK.
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