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    The Move to Affirmative Consent.Janet Halley - 2015 - Signs 41.
    In a vigorous new trend supported by many feminists, affirmative consent requirements are appearing in campus sexual conduct codes and in a parallel campaign for reform of state-based criminal law. As of this writing, California and New York have passed legislation requiring colleges and universities to adopt an affirmative consent standard in their sexual assault policies.[1] A number of state legislators in other states have proposed bills with similar language.[2] Additionally, many public and private colleges and universities around the country (...)
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  2. Cultivating Perception: Phenomenological Encounters with Artworks.Helen A. Fielding - 2015 - Signs 40 (2):280-289.
    Phenomenally strong artworks have the potential to anchor us in reality and to cultivate our perception. For the most part, we barely notice the world around us, as we are too often elsewhere, texting, coordinating schedules, planning ahead, navigating what needs to be done. This is the level of our age that shapes the ways we encounter things and others. In such a world it is no wonder we no longer trust our senses. But as feminists have long argued, thinking (...)
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