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    Attitudes on Voluntary and Mandatory Vaccination Against COVID-19: Evidence From Germany.Christoph Schmidt-Petri, Carsten Schröder & Daniel Graeber - 2021 - PLoS ONE 16 (5):1-18.
    Several vaccines against COVID-19 have now been developed and are already being rolled out around the world. The decision whether or not to get vaccinated has so far been left to the individual citizens. However, there are good reasons, both in theory as well as in practice, to believe that the willingness to get vaccinated might not be sufficiently high to achieve herd immunity. A policy of mandatory vaccination could ensure high levels of vaccination coverage, but its legitimacy is doubtful. (...)
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    Effects of Rainfall Intensity on Runoff and Nutrient Loss of Gently Sloping Farmland in a Karst Area of SW China.Yiwen Yao, Quanhou Dai, Ruxue Gao, Yixian Gan & Xingsong Yi - 2021 - PLoS ONE 16 (3):e0246505.
    Nutrient losses from sloping farmland in karst areas lead to the decline in land productivity and nonpoint source pollution. A specially tailored steel channel with an adjustable slope and underground hole fissures was used to simulate the microenvironment of the "dual structure" of the surface and underground of sloping farmland in a karst area. The artificial rainfall simulation method was used to explore the surface and underground runoff characteristics and nutrient losses from sloping farmland under different rainfall intensities. The effect (...)
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