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    On quantum event structures. III. Object of truth values.Elias Zafiris - 2004 - Foundations Of Physics Letters 17 (5):403-432.
    In this work we expand the foundational perspective of category theory on quantum event structures by showing the existence of an object of truth values in the category of quantum event algebras, characterized as subobject classifier. This object plays the corresponking role that the two-valued Boolean truth values object plays in a classical event structure. We construct the object of quantum truth values explicitly and argue that it constitutes the appropriate choice for the valuation of propositions describing the behavior of (...)
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  2. Quantum collapse, consciousness and superluminal communication.Shan Gao - 2004 - Foundations Of Physics Letters 17 (2):167-182.
    The relation between quantum collapse, consciousness and superluminal communication is analyzed. As we know, quantum collapse, if exists, can result in the appearance of quantum nonlocality, and requires the existence of a pre- ferred Lorentz frame. This may permit the realization of quantum superluminal communication (QSC), which will no longer result in the usual causal loop in case of the existence of a preferred Lorentz frame. The possibility of the existence of QSC is further analyzed under the assumption that quantum (...)
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