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  1. Five anticipation communities in complex systems sciences.Fabrizio Li Vigni - 2020 - Futures 120.
    Complexity science has always been ambivalent about the possibility to foretell the future. On one side, one of its leitmotivs has aimed at highlighting the intrinsic uncertainty and unpredictability of ‘multi-scale,’ ‘non-linear’ and ‘evolutionary’ systems, because of their sensitivity to initial conditions. On the other side, some complex systems specialists tackle the future almost daily but show different attitudes toward it. For example, some scholars find easier to foretell the long run evolution of a system, but only in a coarse-grained (...)
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  2. The Future of Human-Artificial Intelligence Nexus and its Environmental Costs.Petr Spelda & Vit Stritecky - 2020 - Futures 117.
    The environmental costs and energy constraints have become emerging issues for the future development of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). So far, the discussion on environmental impacts of ML/AI lacks a perspective reaching beyond quantitative measurements of the energy-related research costs. Building on the foundations laid down by Schwartz et al., 2019 in the GreenAI initiative, our argument considers two interlinked phenomena, the gratuitous generalisation capability and the future where ML/AI performs the majority of quantifiable inductive inferences. The (...)
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  3. Visions of a Martian Future.Konrad Szocik, Steven Abood, Chris Impey, Mark Shelhamer, Jacob Haqq-Misra, Erik Persson, Lluis Oviedo, Klara Anna Capova, Martin Braddock, Margaret Boone Rappaport & Christopher Corbally - 2020 - Futures 117.
    As we look beyond our terrestrial boundary to a multi-planetary future for humankind, it becomes paramount to anticipate the challenges of various human factors on the most likely scenario for this future: permanent human settlement of Mars. Even if technical hurdles are circumvented to provide adequate resources for basic physiological and psychological needs, Homo sapiens will not survive on an alien planet if a dysfunctional psyche prohibits the utilization of these resources. No matter how far we soar into the stars, (...)
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