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    Was ist die Einheit des Absoluten? Fichtes Kant-Kritik und sein Anspruch als Transzendentalphilosoph in der Wissenschaftslehre 1804.Fridolin Neumann - 2023 - Fichte-Studien 52 (2):503-522.
    In the Wissenschaftslehre 1804-II, Fichte claims to both continue and correct Kant’s transcendental philosophy. I reject this double claim by demonstrating that Fichte’s engagement with Kant is guided by altered premises that make the affiliation to Kant’s transcendental philosophy seem implausible. These divergences culminate in an opposing understanding of unity between the two philosophers, which can be revealed by attention to Fichte’s objections to the KdU. Fichte’s thesis that Kant established three absolutes instead of one absolute is based on Fichte’s (...)
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  2. Transzendentale Argumente bei Hegel und Fichte, written by Simon Schüz. [REVIEW]Jens Lemanski - 2023 - Fichte-Studien 52 (1):318–330.
    This is a review of a book by Simon Schüz, in which transcendental arguments in Fichte and Hegel are examined.
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