1. The Leviathan Becoming a Cephalophore: Primogeniture and the Transition From Sovereignty to Governmentality.James Griffith - 2020 - Kaygi 19 (2):464-484.
    For Foucault, Hobbes is important for the transition from sovereignty to governmentality, but he does not always go into great detail how. In “Society Must Be Defended”, Hobbes’s reactions against the political historicism of his time lead him to an ahistorical foundation to the state. In Security, Territory, Population, his contract is emblematic of the art of government still caught in the logic of sovereignty. Management techniques, one of which being inheritance laws like primogeniture, inducing changes in a population’s milieu (...)
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    Hayatın Anlamı ve Din İlişkisine Dair Kanıksanmış Bazı Görüşlerin Eleştirisi.Mücahit Özdoğan - 2020 - Kaygi 19 (2):724-752.
    In this study, the views about the meaning of life and religion are criticized and the views of people are explained in a more comprehensive and realistic way. For this purpose, an introduction has been made about what is the goal of life first, and then the perspective of religions is explained. In the following sections, it is tried to explain the issues that have not been dealt with so far in terms of meaning. According to the results reached in (...)
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