1. El capital social en situaciones de cambio institucional.María G. Navarro - 2018 - Bajo Palabra. Revista de Filosofía 20:65-84.
    In this article, the hypothesis according to which the institutional change is determined by the mobilization of social capital is exposed. It is analysed what consequences derived from this fact in relation to the processes of deinstitutionalization of the policy. It proposes an interpretation of academically relevant results about the meaning of the term ‘deinstitutionalization’, explains some of the most important antecedents on institutional theory and, fially, proposes some fundamental ideas to advance the philosophical reflction about the so-called new institutionalism.
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    A (Very) Brief Doxographical Analysis of Constructivism: From Pre-Socratics to Second-Order Cybernetics.Israel Salas Llanas - 2018 - Bajo Palabra. Revista de Filosofía 18 (2):61-76.
    Constructivism is a philosophical current that manifests itself greatly within the realm of contemporary epistemology. Its bases come from the idea that knowledge is not only actively constructed by the observer but also provides a lens through which reality can be interpreted as a result of experiences. This paper traces a brief interdisciplinary curve that outlines some of the most important philosophical approaches that contributed to the consolidation of this school of thought for more than twenty-five centuries.
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