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    Poverty Alleviation Policies of Selected Churches in Anambra State, Nigeria.Emmanuel Orok Duke - 2020 - GNOSI: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Human Theory and Praxis 3 (1):40-52.
    Poverty is a social problem. Its alleviation has been one of the major issues that occupy a significant place in the scale of preference of developmental policies of several nations, international organizations, church and other interested stakeholders. Thus, the thrust of this work centers on poverty alleviation strategies of selected Churches in Anambra State: namely how this institution participates in some economic activities, skill acquisition programmes, and empowerment programmes, among others in view of controlling the scourge of poverty. The research (...)
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  2. Metaphysics and the Method of Ibuanyidanda.John Gabriel Mendie - 2020 - GNOSI: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Human Theory and Praxis 3 (1).
    Asouzu's 21st-century philosophy of complementary ontology has brought to bear the abstract nature of metaphysics as expounded by the west. Through the West has a different world view which many African scholars have seen to be driven by anthropocentric tendencies. African system of thought imbibed in communalism have often called for mutual complementarity among whatever that exist, for the essential purpose of attaining the greatest possible flourishing and realizing the common good of man. The Ibuanyidanda philosophy of mutual complementation holds (...)
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