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    Der Dämon Im Text: Lateinische Lesarten von De Somno 453b22 Und De Divinatione Per Somnum 463b12 Zwischen 1150 Und 1650.Sander Christoph - 2016 - Recherches de Theologie Et Philosophie Medievales 83 (2):245-311.
    In his short treatise De divinatione per somnum (463b12-15), Aristotle claims that dreams, though not sent by a god, are nonetheless “demonic” because “nature is demonic.” This statement has puzzled Aristotle’s commentators since the Middle Ages, being interpreted in a variety of ways even today. The present article traces interpretations of the passage from the twelfth century, when the work was translated into Latin for the first time, until the seventeenth century, when Aristotle’s works were re-translated by the humanists. The (...)
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  2. Crathorn on Extension.Magali Elise Roques - 2016 - Recherches de Theologie Et Philosophie Medievales 83 (2):423-467.
    In this paper, I analyze William Crathorn’s view on extension and compare it to William Ockham’s reductionist view, according to which extension is not really distinct from substance or quality. In my view, Crathorn elaborates a metaphysical machinery based on mereological and topological relationships in order to solve what he considers to be problems in Ockham’s account of quantity. In order to make my point, I reconstruct Crathorn’s main arguments in favor of his finitist atomism. Crathorn claims that certain fundamental (...)
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