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    Combinatory and Complementary Practices of Values and Virtues in Design: A Reply to Reijers and Gordijn.Steven Umbrello - 2020 - Filosofia 2020 (65):103-117.
    The purpose of this paper is to review and critique Wessel Reijers and Bert Gordijn’s paper Moving from value sensitive design to virtuous practice design. In doing so, it draws on recent literature on developing value sensitive design (VSD) to show how the authors’ virtuous practice design (VPD), at minimum, is not mutually exclusive to VSD. This paper argues that virtuous practice is not exclusive to the basic methodological underpinnings of VSD. This can therefore strengthen, rather than exclude the VSD (...)
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  2. Sex Robot. L’Amore Al Tempo Delle Macchine. [REVIEW]Steven Umbrello - 2020 - Filosofia 2020 (65):189-191.
    The question what is wrong with having sex with a robot? Takes front and center in Maurizio Balistreri’s, a bioethicist and moral philosopher, newest volume Sex robot: l'amore al tempo delle macchine (Sex Robots: Love in the Age of Machines). As a philosopher of technology that is interested in the applied ethics of emerging technologies, the question regarding the development and impact of sex robots is undoubtedly timely. It is because of this volume that I have taken up a greater (...)
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