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    Post-abortion care services for youth and adult clients in kenya: A comparison of services, client satisfaction and provider attitudes.Emily Evens, Rose Otieno-Masaba, Margaret Eichleay, Donna Mccarraher, Gwyn Hainsworth, Cate Lane, Margaret Makumi & Pamela Onduso - 2014 - Journal of Biosocial Science 46 (1):1-15.
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    An association between adverse events, anxiety and body size of adolescents.Tomasz Hanć, Klaudia Janicka, Magdalena Durda & Joachim Cieślik - 2014 - Journal of Biosocial Science 46 (1):122-138.
    SummaryThe aim of the study was to assess the relationship between adverse life events, a tendency to respond with a high level of anxiety, and height and adiposity of adolescents. The sample included 575 persons aged 10–15 from the Wielkopolska region of Poland. The influence of adverse events during the 6 months before the examination and anxiety trait, as assessed with a STAIC questionnaire, on body height and BMI was analysed. Also sex, age, chronic diseases and socioeconomic status indicators were (...)
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    Global variance in female population height: The influence of education, income, human development, life expectancy, mortality and gender inequality in 96 nations.Quentin J. Mark - 2014 - Journal of Biosocial Science 46 (1):107-121.
    SummaryHuman height is a heritable trait that is known to be influenced by environmental factors and general standard of living. Individual and population stature is correlated with health, education and economic achievement. Strong sexual selection pressures for stature have been observed in multiple diverse populations, however; there is significant global variance in gender equality and prohibitions on female mate selection. This paper explores the contribution of general standard of living and gender inequality to the variance in global female population heights. (...)
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    Negotiation for safer sex among married women in cambodia: The role of women's autonomy.Mengieng Ung, Godfred O. Boateng, Frederick A. Armah, Jonathan A. Amoyaw, Isaac Luginaah & Vincent Kuuire - 2014 - Journal of Biosocial Science 46 (1):90-106.
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