1. Why Zombies Can’T Write Significant Source Code: The Knowledge Game and the Art of Computer Programming.Federico Gobbo & Marco Benini - 2014 - Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence 27 (1):37-50.
    This paper analyses the knowledge needed to understand a computer program within the Philosophy of Information. L. Floridi’s method of Levels ofion is applied to the rela- tion between an ideal programmer and a modern computer seen together as an informational organism. The results obtained by the mental experiment known as the Knowledge Game are applied to this relation, so to explain what a programmer should know in order to program a modern computer. In particular, this analysis will clearly show (...)
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  2. Editorial: Risks of General Artificial Intelligence.Vincent C. Müller - 2014 - Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence 26 (3):297-301.
    This is the editorial for a special volume of JETAI, featuring papers by Omohundro, Armstrong/Sotala/O’Heigeartaigh, T Goertzel, Brundage, Yampolskiy, B. Goertzel, Potapov/Rodinov, Kornai and Sandberg. - If the general intelligence of artificial systems were to surpass that of humans significantly, this would constitute a significant risk for humanity – so even if we estimate the probability of this event to be fairly low, it is necessary to think about it now. We need to estimate what progress we can expect, what (...)
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