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  1. The Dialectical Construction of a Notion of Truth in Some 13th-Century Masters of Arts.Ana Maria Mora-Marquez - 2019 - Medioevo 44 (1):40-56.
  2. Wodeham against Chatton: the second part of the way towards Complexe Significabilia.Ernesto Perini-Santos - 2019 - Medioevo 44 (1):99-121.
    Complexe significabilia are the significate of whole sentences, irreducible to what is signified by categorematic sub-sentential components. It has been propounded firstly by Adam Wodeham. Wodeham construes his argument for the postulation of complexe significabilia as a middle way between William of Ockham and Walter Chatton. According to Wodeham, Ockham’s view implies a reflexive theory of mental acts, which goes against the phenomenology of the act of assent. Moreover, it leads to an anti-realist epistemology. We need therefore things outside the (...)
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