1. On the Social Utility of Symbolic Logic: Lewis Carroll Against ‘The Logicians’.Amirouche Moktefi - 2015 - Studia Metodologiczne 35:133-150.
    Symbolic logic faced great difficulties in its early stage of development in order to acquire recognition of its utility for the needs of science and society. The aim of this paper is to discuss an early attempt by the British logician Lewis Carroll (1832–1898) to promote symbolic logic as a social good. This examination is achieved in three phases: first, Carroll’s belief in the social utility of logic, broadly understood, is demonstrated by his numerous interventions to fight fallacious reasoning in (...)
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  2. Sieć, Software Czy Obliczenia Naturalne? Jakie Techniki definiujÄ myśLenie Filozoficzne Homo Informaticus?Paweł Polak - 2015 - Studia Metodologiczne 34:143--170.
    30 years ago J.D. Bolter coined the term ’defining technology’. It is the technology which shapes culture and the mentality of human beings. Defining technology describes the role of technology as a source of cognitive metaphors. We are interesting in the metaphors which have an influence on the philosophical thinking. Bolter argued that digital computer was a defining technology of the late 20th century. He created also the the concept of ’Turing’s Man’. It is a man shaped by interactions with (...)
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