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  1. Uncovering the realities of delusional experience in schizophrenia: a qualitative phenomenological study in Belgium.Jasper Feyaerts, Wouter Kusters, Zeno Van Duppen, Stijn Vanheule, Inez Myin-Germeys & Louis Sass - 2021 - Lancet Psychiatry 8 (9):784-796.
    BACKGROUND: Delusions in schizophrenia are commonly approached as empirical false beliefs about everyday reality. Phenomenological accounts, by contrast, have suggested that delusions are more adequately understood as pertaining to a different kind of reality experience. How this alteration of reality experience should be characterised, which dimensions of experiential life are involved, and whether delusional reality might differ from standard reality in various ways is unclear and little is known about how patients with delusions value and relate to these experiential alterations. (...)
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  2. Delusions beyond beliefs: a critical overview of diagnostic, aetiological, and therapeutic schizophrenia research from a clinical-phenomenological perspective.J. Feyaerts, M. G. Henriksen, S. Vanheule, I. Myin-Germeys & L. A. Sass - 2021 - Lancet Psychiatry 8 (3):237-249.
    Delusions are commonly conceived as false beliefs that are held with certainty and which cannot be corrected. This conception of delusion has been influential throughout the history of psychiatry and continues to inform how delusions are approached in clinical practice and in contemporary schizophrenia research. It is reflected in the full psychosis continuum model, guides psychological and neurocognitive accounts of the formation and maintenance of delusions, and it substantially determines how delusions are approached in cognitive-behavioural treatment. In this Review, we (...)
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