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    From a Doodle to a Theorem: A Case Study in Mathematical Discovery.Juan Fernández González & Dirk Schlimm - 2023 - Journal of Humanistic Mathematics 13 (1):4-35.
    We present some aspects of the genesis of a geometric construction, which can be carried out with compass and straightedge, from the original idea to the published version (Fernández González 2016). The Midpoint Path Construction makes it possible to multiply the length of a line segment by a rational number between 0 and 1 by constructing only midpoints and a straight line. In the form of an interview, we explore the context and narrative behind the discovery, with first-hand insights by (...)
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    Locked in Functions: A Short Poem for Robert Langlands.Virgilio A. Rivas - 2023 - Journal of Humanistic Mathematics 13 (1).
    This short poem is inspired by Robert Langlands, recipient of the 2018 Abel Prize. The poem tries to sum up in poetic language, as brief but substantial as it can be, the philosophical and rhetorical connotation of his contributions to mathematics, from automorphic forms to number theory, and the famous Langlands programme, among others. Also partly inspired by Edward Frenkel's tribute to Langlands, the book Love and Mathematics, the poem seeks to capture the philosophical beauty of mathematics that privileges the (...)
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