1. Lost Paradigm: The Fate of Work in Post-War French Philosophy.Jean-Philippe Deranty - 2016 - Revue Internationale de Philosophie 278:491-511.
  2. Between Philosophical Anthropology and Phenomenology: On Paul Ricoeur’s Philosophy of Work.Nicholas H. Smith - 2016 - Revue Internationale de Philosophie 2 (278):513-534.
    The paper is a critical analysis of Paul Ricoeur’s philosophy of work as it is formulated in a number of essays from the 1950s and 60s. It begins with a reconstruction of the central theses advanced in ‘Travail et parole’ (1953) and related texts, where Ricoeur sought to outline a philosophical anthropology in which work is given its due. To give work its due, from an anthropological standpoint, is to see it as limited by counter-concept of language, according to Ricoeur. (...)
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