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    Empirical Ethics as Dialogical Practice.Guy Widdershoven, Tineke Abma & Bert Molewijk - 2009 - Bioethics 23 (4):236-248.
    In this article, we present a dialogical approach to empirical ethics, based upon hermeneutic ethics and responsive evaluation. Hermeneutic ethics regards experience as the concrete source of moral wisdom. In order to gain a good understanding of moral issues, concrete detailed experiences and perspectives need to be exchanged. Within hermeneutic ethics dialogue is seen as a vehicle for moral learning and developing normative conclusions. Dialogue stands for a specific view on moral epistemology and methodological criteria for moral inquiry. Responsive evaluation (...)
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    Implicit and Explicit Clinical Ethics Support in The Netherlands: A Mixed Methods Overview Study. [REVIEW]Linda Dauwerse, Froukje Weidema, Tineke Abma, Bert Molewijk & Guy Widdershoven - 2014 - HEC Forum 26 (2):95-109.
    Internationally, the prevalence of clinical ethics support (CES) in health care has increased over the years. Previous research on CES focused primarily on ethics committees and ethics consultation, mostly within the context of hospital care. The purpose of this article is to investigate the prevalence of different kinds of CES in various Dutch health care domains, including hospital care, mental health care, elderly care and care for people with an intellectual disability. A mixed methods design was used including two survey (...)
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    Improving Care and Ethics: A Plea for Interactive Empirical Ethics.Guy Widdershoven, Bert Molewijk & Tineke Abma - 2009 - American Journal of Bioethics 9 (6-7):99-101.
  4. Responsibilities in Elderly Care: Mr Powell's Narrative of Duty and Relations.Tineke Abma, Anne Bruijn, Tinie Kardol, Jos Schols & Guy Widdershoven - 2012 - Bioethics 26 (1):22-31.
    In Western countries a considerable number of older people move to a residential home when their health declines. Institutionalization often results in increased dependence, inactivity and loss of identity or self-worth (dignity). This raises the moral question as to how older, institutionalized people can remain autonomous as far as continuing to live in line with their own values is concerned. Following Walker's meta-ethical framework on the assignment of responsibilities, we suggest that instead of directing all older people towards more autonomy (...)
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    Dialogical Ethics and Responsive Evaluation as a Framework for Patient Participation.Tineke Abma & Guy Widdershoven - 2014 - American Journal of Bioethics 14 (6):27-29.
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    Practising Political Care Ethics: Can Responsive Evaluation Foster Democratic Care?Merel Visse, Tineke Abma & Guy Widdershoven - 2015 - Ethics and Social Welfare 9 (2):164-182.
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    What is It to Be a Daughter? Identities Under Pressure in Dementia Care.Minke Goldsteen, Tineke Abma, Barth Oeseburg, Marian Verkerk, Frans Verhey & Guy Widdershoven - 2007 - Bioethics 21 (1):1–12.
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    Living a Meaningful Life and Taking Good Care of Oneself in Times of Illness: Highlighting a Dilemma.Truus Teunissen, Paul Lindhout, Karen Schipper & Tineke Abma - 2019 - Ijfab: International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 12 (1):44-60.
    "Blessed are you who ask for our help, for our greatest need is to be needed."—Anonymous qtd. in Reinders The current political discourse in Dutch society expects—or even demands—patients properly care for themselves. Self-management, autonomy, and control are highly valued. It is assumed that self-managing will positively influence patients' quality of life and their health.In the course of the past decades, the first author, Truus Teunissen, acquired several chronic illnesses, the most important ones being a lung disease and cancer.The condition (...)
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    Psychiatry in the Age of Neuroscience: The Impact on Clinical Practice and Lives of Patients.Elleke Landeweer, Tineke Abma, Jolijn Santegoeds & Guy Widdershoven - 2008 - Poiesis and Praxis 6 (1-2):43-55.
    Due to the progress being made in the neurosciences, higher expectations for the use of medication, even against the patient’s will, are arising in mental hospitals. In this article, we will discuss whether the neurosciences and new psychopharmacological solutions really support patients who suffer from mental illnesses. To answer this question, we will focus on the perspective of patients and their experiences with psychiatric (coercive) treatments. The analysis of one person’s story shows that other issues besides appropriate medication are important (...)
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  10. Reviewers of Articles Received and Published in 2007–08.Tineke Abma, Anna Alomes, Gwen Anderson, Mila Aroskar, Kim Atkins, Joy Bickley-Asher, Helen Booth, Janie Butts, Miriam Cameron & Franco Carnevale - 2008 - Nursing Ethics 15 (6):851.
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    “I Stand Alone.” An Ethnodrama About the (Dis)Connections Between a Client and Professionals in a Residential Care Home.Vivianne Baur, Tineke Abma & Ingrid Baart - 2012 - Health Care Analysis (3):1-20.
    Client participation in elderly care organizations requires shifting traditional power relations and establishing communicative action that involves the lifeworlds of clients and professionals alike. This article describes a particular form of client participation in which one client was part of a team of professionals in a residential care home. Their joint remit was to plan the implementation of a new personal care file for residents. We describe the interactions within this team through an ethnodrama, based on participant observations and the (...)
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    Reviewers of Articles Received and Published in 2006Á/07.Tineke Abma, Anne Arber, Arie van der Arend, Marianne Benedicta Arndt, Robert Arnott, Kim Atkins, Helen Aveyard, Susan Bailey, Joy Bickley-Asher & Pamela Bjorklund - 2007 - Nursing Ethics 14 (6):849.
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    Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Moral Dimensions of Informal Caregiving in a Neoliberal Society.Ellen Meijer, Gert Schout & Tineke Abma - 2017 - Health Care Analysis 25 (4):323-337.
    Within the current Dutch policy context the role of informal care is revalued. Formal care activities are reduced and family and friends are expected to fill this gap. Yet, there is little research on the moral ambivalences that informal care for loved ones who have severe and ongoing mental health problems entails, especially against the backdrop of neoliberal policies. Giving priority to one’s own life project or caring for a loved one with severe problems is not reconciled easily. Using a (...)
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