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    The British Discovery of Buddhism.Norman J. Girardot & Philip C. Almond - 1991 - Buddhist-Christian Studies 11:315.
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    The Journey of the Soul in Seventeenth Century English Platonism.Philip C. Almond - 1991 - History of European Ideas 13 (6):775-791.
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    Henry More and the Apocalypse.Philip C. Almond - 1993 - Journal of the History of Ideas 54 (2):189-200.
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    Rudolf Otto and the Kantian Tradition.Philip C. Almond - 1983 - Neue Zeitschrift für Systematicsche Theologie Und Religionsphilosophie 25 (1-3):52-67.
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    The Antichrist: A New Biography.Philip C. Almond - 2020 - Cambridge University Press.
    The malign figure of the Antichrist endures in modern culture, whether religious or secular; and the spectral shadow he has cast over the ages continues to exert a strong and powerful fascination. Philip C. Almond tells the story of the son of Satan from his early beginnings to the present day, and explores this false Messiah in theology, literature and the history of ideas. Discussing the origins of the malevolent being who at different times was cursed as Belial, Nero or (...)
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    Winch and Wittgenstein.Philip C. Almond - 1976 - Religious Studies 12 (4):473 - 482.
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    Winch and Wittgenstein: P. C. ALMOND.Philip C. Almond - 1976 - Religious Studies 12 (4):473-482.
    In this paper, I shall be concerned to show: that Winch believes that there can be different conceptions of ‘agreement with reality’; that Wittgenstein agrees with this, but emphasizes the difficulty of understanding such conceptions; that Winch realizes this difficulty, and yet still tries to gain understanding of primitive social institutions in terms of their sense of the significance of human life, in terms of the limiting notions of birth, death and sexual relations; that such a notion of the significance (...)
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    Buddhism and Christianity: Compared and Contrasted.Rudolf Otto & Philip C. Almond - 1984 - Buddhist-Christian Studies 4:87.
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