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    In Search of Good Care: The Methodology of Phenomenological, Theory-Oriented ‘N=N Case Studies’ in Empirically Grounded Ethics of Care.Guus Timmerman, Andries Baart & Frans Vosman - 2019 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 22 (4):573-582.
    This paper proposes a new perspective on the methodology of qualitative inquiry in ethics, especially the interaction between empirical work and theory development, and introduces standards to evaluate the quality of this inquiry and its findings. The kind of qualitative inquiry the authors are proposing brings to light what participants in practices of care and welfare do and refrain from doing, and what they undergo, in order to offer ‘stepping stones’, political-ethical insights that originate in the practice studied and enable (...)
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    Professional Medical Discourse and the Emergence of Practical Wisdom in Everyday Practices: Analysis of a Keyhole Case.Marij Bontemps-Hommen, Andries Baart & Frans Vosman - 2020 - Health Care Analysis 28 (2):137-157.
    Recent publications have argued that practical wisdom is increasingly important for medical practices, particularly in complex contexts, to stay focused on giving good care in a moral sense to each individual patient. Our empirical investigation into an ordinary medical practice was aimed at exploring whether the practice would reveal practical wisdom, or, instead, adherence to conventional frames such as guidelines, routines and the dominant professional discourse. We performed a thematic analysis both of the medical files of a complex patient and (...)
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    How Can Attending Physicians Be More Attentive? On Being Attentive Versus Producing Attentiveness.Klaartje Klaver & Andries Baart - 2016 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 19 (3):351-359.
    This article is about caregivers being attentive to patients in healthcare. From earlier work on the understanding of the other, we know that it is impossible to completely understand the experiences of others. By the sharing of subjectivity—intersubjectivity—we may try to ‘grasp’ the other’s point of view. However, we can never assume that the same experience produces the same experience. Now, if it is principally impossible to understand the experience of one another, and if paying attention always implies an understanding (...)
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    Cultivating Quality Awareness in Corona Times.Guus Timmerman, Andries Baart & Jan den Bakker - 2021 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 24 (2):189-204.
    The Covid-19 pandemic is a tragedy for those who have been hard hit worldwide. At the same time, it is also a test of concepts and practices of what good care is and requires, and how quality of care can be accounted for. In this paper, we present our Care-Ethical Model of Quality Enquiry and apply it to the case of residential care for older people in the Netherlands during the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead of thinking about care in healthcare and (...)
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