Works by Bennett, Stephen (exact spelling)

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    Communities at Work? The Concept of ‘Community’ in Organisational Analysis.Christopher Bennett, Michael Bennett & Stephen Bennett - 2005 - Philosophy of Management 5 (3):31-41.
    In this paper we assess the adequacy of the idea of community as an ideal-typical model against which real organisations and their management might be critically evaluated. Alasdair MacIntyre’s work on practices suggests that some forms of work activity require something more than contractual relationships withinorganisations: if he is right then perhaps we should acknowledge the importance of some notion of community at work. However, among the criticisms of the community approach are that it ignores issues of power and the (...)
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    Television “News Grazers”: Who They Are and What They Know.Stephen Bennett, Staci Rhine & Richard Flickinger - 2008 - Critical Review 20 (1-2):25-36.
    Between 1998 and 2006, a new style of television news consumption was born: “news grazing.” With remote control devices in hand, “grazers” flip through TV news channels in order to find interesting news stories. Approximately three‐fifths of the public graze, and this group tends to be younger than non‐grazers. Grazers are less likely than the rest of the public to follow “hard” news about politics and economics, and, not surprisingly, they are even less knowledgeable about public affairs than most people (...)
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