Works by Byrd, Miriam Newton (exact spelling)

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    Dialectic and Plato's Method of Hypothesis.Miriam Newton Byrd - 2007 - Apeiron 40 (2):141 - 158.
  2. Dialectic in Plato's "Phaedo".Miriam Newton Byrd - 2001 - Dissertation, University of Georgia
    In this dissertation I propose a new method of interpreting Plato's Phaedo based upon Socrates' description of the "summoner" at Republic 522e--525a. I elucidate the summoner paradigm as a four step process in which one notices an apparent contradiction in perception, separates two opposites from one mixed perception, realizes the priority of the opposites, and recognizes their transcendence. In the Republic , its primary purpose is to move the subject from pistis to dianoia and from dianoia to nous. The summoner (...)
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