Works by Cavicchi, Elizabeth (exact spelling)

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    Faraday and Piaget: Experimenting in Relation with the World.Elizabeth Cavicchi - 2006 - Perspectives on Science 14 (1):66-96.
    : The natural philosopher Michael Faraday and the psychologist Jean Piaget experimented directly with natural phenomena and children. While Faraday originated evidence for spatial fields mediating force interactions, Piaget studied children's cognitive development. This paper treats their experimental processes in parallel, taking as examples Faraday's 1831 investigations of water patterns produced under vibration and Piaget's interactions with his infants as they sought something he hid. I redid parts of Faraday's vibrating fluid activities and Piaget's hiding games. Like theirs, my experiences (...)
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    Nineteenth-Century Developments in Coiled Instruments and Experiences with Electromagnetic Induction.Elizabeth Cavicchi - 2006 - Annals of Science 63 (3):319-361.
    Faraday demonstrated electromagnetic induction in 1831 using an iron ring wound with two wire coils; on interrupting battery current in one coil, momentary currents arose in the other. Between Faraday's ring and the induction coil, coiled instruments developed via meandering paths. This paper explores the opening phase of that work in the late 1830s, as the iron core, primary wire coil, and secondary wire coil were researched and differentiated. ‘Working knowledge’ gained with materials and phenomena was crucial to innovations. To (...)
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