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    Altruism in Social Networks: Evidence for a 'Kinship Premium'.Oliver Curry, Sam G. B. Roberts & Robin I. M. Dunbar - unknown
    Why and under what conditions are individuals altruistic to family and friends in their social networks? Evolutionary psychology suggests that such behaviour is primarily the product of adaptations for kin- and reciprocal altruism, dependent on the degree of genetic relatedness and exchange of benefits, respectively. For this reason, individuals are expected to be more altruistic to family members than to friends: whereas family members can be the recipients of kin and reciprocal altruism, friends can be the recipients of reciprocal altruism (...)
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    The Complexity of Jokes Is Limited by Cognitive Constraints on Mentalizing.R. I. M. Dunbar, Jacques Launay & Oliver Curry - 2016 - Human Nature 27 (2):130-140.
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    Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together?Oliver Curry & Robin I. M. Dunbar - 2013 - Human Nature 24 (3):336-347.
    Cooperation requires that individuals are able to identify, and preferentially associate with, others who have compatible preferences and the shared background knowledge needed to solve interpersonal coordination problems. The present study investigates the nature of such similarity within social networks, asking: What do friends have in common? And what is the relationship between similarity and altruism? The results show that similarity declines with frequency of contact; similarity in general is a significant predictor of altruism and emotional closeness; and, specifically, sharing (...)
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  4. Morality is Fundamentally an Evolved Solution to Problems of Social Cooperation.Oliver Curry & Mark Alfano - forthcoming - Critique of Anthropology.
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