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    Rules, Social Ontology and Collective Identity.Nuno Martins - 2009 - Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 39 (3):323-344.
    Mainstream game theory explains cooperation as the outcome of the interaction of agents who permanently pursue their individual goals. Amartya Sen argues instead that cooperation can only be understood by positing a type of rule-following behaviour that can be out of phase with the pursuit of individual goals, due to the existence of a collective identity. However, Sen does not clarify the ontological preconditions for the type of social behaviour he describes. I will argue that Sen's account of collective identity (...)
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    An Evolutionary Approach to Emergence and Social Causation.Nuno Martins - 2011 - Journal of Critical Realism 10 (2):192-218.
    Rom Harré criticizes critical realism for ascribing causal powers to social structures, arguing that it is human individuals, and not social structures, that possess causal powers, and that a false conception of structural causation undermines the emancipatory potential of critical realism. I argue that an interpretation of the category of process as the spatio-temporalization of the category of structure, which underpins much evolutionary theory, provides the conceptual tools to explain how the critical realist transformational model of social activity can escape (...)
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  3. Introduction: Ontology, Philosophy, and the Social Sciences.Clive Lawson, John Latsis & Nuno Martins - 2007 - In Clive Lawson, John Latsis & Nuno Martins (eds.), Contributions to Social Ontology. Routledge. pp. 1--14.
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    How Complex, Probable, and Predictable is Genetically Driven Red Queen Chaos?Jorge Duarte, Carla Rodrigues, Cristina Januário, Nuno Martins & Josep Sardanyés - 2015 - Acta Biotheoretica 63 (4):341-361.
    Coevolution between two antagonistic species has been widely studied theoretically for both ecologically- and genetically-driven Red Queen dynamics. A typical outcome of these systems is an oscillatory behavior causing an endless series of one species adaptation and others counter-adaptation. More recently, a mathematical model combining a three-species food chain system with an adaptive dynamics approach revealed genetically driven chaotic Red Queen coevolution. In the present article, we analyze this mathematical model mainly focusing on the impact of species rates of evolution (...)
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    On the Dynamical Complexity of a Seasonally Forced Discrete SIR Epidemic Model with a Constant Vaccination Strategy.Jalil Rashidinia, Mehri Sajjadian, Jorge Duarte, Cristina Januário & Nuno Martins - 2018 - Complexity 2018:1-11.
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