Works by Maurin, Françoise (exact spelling)

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    The Theory of Integer Multiplication with Order Restricted to Primes is Decidable.Françoise Maurin - 1997 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 62 (1):123-130.
    We show here that the first order theory of the positive integers equipped with multiplication remains decidable when one adds to the language the usual order restricted to the prime numbers. We see moreover that the complexity of the latter theory is a tower of exponentials, of height O(n).
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    Ehrenfeucht Games and Ordinal Addition.Françoise Maurin - 1997 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 89 (1):53-73.
    We show in this paper that the theory of ordinal addition of any fixed ordinal ωα, with α less than ωω, admits a quantifier elimination. This in particular gives a new proof for the decidability result first established in 1965 by R. Büchi using transfinite automata. Our proof is based on the Ehrenfeucht games, and we show that quantifier elimination go through generalized power.RésuméOn montre ici que, pour tout ordinal α inférieur à ωω, la théorie additive de ωα admet une (...)
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